Kilkenny Science Festival

Kilkenny Science Festival starts from 9-17 November 2024

Coordinated by Calmast STEM Engagement Centre, South East Technological University in partnership with schools, industry, Kilkenny County Council and other groups. It is sponsored by SFI as one of the regional science festivals for Science Week.


Bealtaine Living Earth Festival

The Bealtaine Living Earth Festival now in its 20th year, and took place from 18 – 26 May 2024. The festival is coordinated by Calmast, the South East Technological University’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths engagement centre.

The Bealtine Living Earth Festival brought together different groups from across Waterford, Wexford and Kilkenny together to celebrate biodiversity, our Living Earth and natural heritage. This is the second year of the UN Decade of Ecosystem restoration, Bealtaine looked to continue its teaching of preventing, halting and reversing the degradation of ecosystems in Ireland.

This years festival also incorporated the theme of the UN day for Biological Diversity which was Build Back Biodiversity which highlights how it is our duty and mission to revive nature and reverse biodiversity loss

Events took place for schools, special groups targeting people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and the elderly and for a family/ public audience, with events for schools during the day, with family public events in the evenings and at weekends.

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Science in Kilkenny

Cruinniú na nÓg: Kilkenny

Cruinniú na nÓg: Kilkenny

Developed in partnership with Creative Ireland and Kilkenny county council, the ‘Kilkenny Automata Workshop’ explores the world of animation to create their own automata from simple household waste materials.

An automata is a cardboard mechanism that can move through the pushing and pulling of simple switches and mechanisms. It is a playful way to explore simple machines while creating live sculptures.

Watch our Automata videos below.

Download your free personalised Kilkenny Automato template HERE

Kilkenny Science Festival: The Science Behind Ireland’s Longest Zipline

Kilkenny Science Festival: The Science Behind Ireland’s Longest Zipline

Castlecomer Discovery Park is home to Ireland’s longest ziplines. How long is it? How fast is it? How do you slow down? Can I fall off? Why does weight matter? Why are some faster than others? What about the weather? At 308 metres long and 35 metres at its highest point, we reveal the science behind Ireland’s longest zipline and the importance of STEM concepts such as velocity, mass, acceleration, gravity, friction, force and tension.