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Transition Year

Since 2018 Geraldine and Taz of The Useless Project (formally Sustainable Fashion Dublin) have gained the reputation of being amongst the leading advocates for sustainable living in Ireland. With an online following of over 45,000 (sustainability enthusiasts and novices alike), Taz and Geraldine’s infectious enthusiasm for advocacy and stewardship, alongside their open “learn with us” attitude, has appealed to the masses and effectively served to act as the bridge between those who want to do better, and the information that will allow them to do just that.
Over the last three years The Useless Project has hosted workshops, webinars and events to thousands of people, including schools all over Irleland and businesses (incl Google, Accenture, Facebook, Microsoft, Arthur Cox) that touch on all manner of sustainability-related topics; from food waste and recycling, to “how to be more sustainable with your working-from-home set-up” and “fast fashion vs sustainable fashion”. Together Geraldine and Taz have become experts in distilling down complicated topics and communicating information in a fun, accessible and encouraging way.

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