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Wireless Communication on the Farm … and Mars? – https://pod.fo/e/12c25b

Can we detect an excess of carbon in a field using equipment that already in place? Rob spoke with SETU academic Bernard Butler and his graduate student Thakshilla Wedage about their work in VistaMilk and using the physical properties of wireless signals to predict atmospheric conditions in a farming context. The speed of the terahertz signals they use are hampered by our wet, dense atmosphere – but they may allow wireless communications 100-times faster than current speeds on a dry environment, such as Mars. They talked about their next phase of their work which is looking at employing these technologies to facilitate high-bandwidth, low-latency communications off-world. To quote a famous space traveller – Fascinating!

Bluffer’s Guide To Artificial Intelligence – https://pod.fo/e/f0f0f

Rob sat down with Glen Collins (Engineers Ireland) and Susan Gallagher (SETU) to chat about some of the main technical issues surrounding AI. What is Machine Learning? How computationally intensive is it? Will AI take all our jobs? (No!)

Men’s Health with Noel Richardson – https://pod.fo/e/14887b

Noel Richardson from the SETU Carlow Campus talks about his research around the broad area of Men’s Health and how his work is shaping national (and international) policy. He talks about projects that target hard-to-reach populations with positive health activities, such as On Feirm Ground, which is directly concerned with Irish farmers and agriculture workers. Noel’s research interests include men’s health policy, gender and health, mental health and suicide prevention in men. Prior to his academic career, Noel was an international athlete, representing Ireland on numerous occasions in long distance running events.

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