About STEMreach programme
STEMreach is a major STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) initiative by Calmast. The initiative was developed to provide sustained engagement through partnership in the South-East in Ireland. STEMreach connects higher education, industry, governmental and non-governmental bodies with primary and post-primary schools and wider society and is designed to nurture important skills such as creativity, problem solving, communication and teamwork. These programmes benefit educational attainment, economy and culture in the region.

STEMreach is an effective way of engaging learners with all areas of STEM. With peer learning, younger pupils learn from and with older students Starting with a pilot in 2017, STEMreach was well received by teachers and students. The Calmast led initiative has quickly grown to include many different programmes with several thousand students and pupils involved annually. Each programme runs for a period of six weeks. In this time, TY (transition year) students research a particular topic in STEM. Guided by their teachers, industry partners and WIT staff, they learn about science communication and develop lesson plans and activities for 1st year students and/or primary pupils before working with their younger peers. Together, the TY students and the younger pupils further explore various STEM subjects including the STEMreach Problem Solving programme. Implemented in 2018, the STEMreach Problem Solving Programme was found to strongly encourage a positive attitude towards maths, to increase the participants’ confidence in their own abilities and to develop their problem-solving skills while also promoting creativity and supporting personal development.

About Animation Module (Online)
The module is a blended learning 6 weeks long module. It will be completely available to be followed  online at your class pace.The module is in partnership in Lighthouse animation studios Kilkenny, and it is being ran with TY students in the Presentation Secondary School Kilkenny. It is designed for TYs student to engage them in the design cycle, encouraging creative thinking, and storytelling while reflecting on SUSTAINABILITY, WELLBEING and HEALTH. The module is six weeks long. Each week an introductory short video is provided to kick off the week activity. Students can then work in groups on their project week after week. There can be also some extra videos with experts and extensions. Calmast team will provide also resources and support materials.

Partners: Lighthouse studio Kilkenny

Primary schools engagement: at the end of the programme TYs will run a hands-on workshop online for primary school children on storycube, thaumatrope or storyboarding.